Our current favourites

We're always in the kitchen, and working with suppliers  to find new and wonderful flavours! If you have any flavours you'd want to see drop us a message or call us! We love to talk tea.

Here's our favourites so far...

Bora Bora Fruit infusion tea with Amaretto

For those with a sweet tooth - look no further.  With a warm and sweet fruity blend including hibiscus blossoms, apple, papaya and berries combined with the sourness of Amaretto, the party starts right here.

Served with a cherry and rose petals.

The not-so-Hot Toddy Lemon Sherbet and Ginger tea with Whiskey

An amazingly fresh fruit infusion of pineapple, sour apple and lemon create a medley of tart, sweet and sour notes. When combined with a dash of honey and whiskey it creates the perfect Hot Toddy. 

Served with lemon slice and ginger biscuit.

After Eight Peppermint and Liquorice tea with Rum

The first ever tea-infused cocktail we created in the kitchen! The addition of liquorice provides a sweet twist to the classic peppermint tea. The white rum then perfectly complements the freshness of the mint

creating the perfect blend for you mojito lovers.

Served with fresh mint and a mint chocolate.

Royaltea Earl Grey and Lavender tea with Gin 

A classic blend of Earl Grey black

tea mixed with Ceylon accompany

a lemon zing that goes perfectly

with the lavender aroma, given a

twist to this classic favourite with

the addition of a drop of Gin.

Served with fresh lavender and


Mocha Rocha Chai tea with Coffee and Chocolate Liqueur

A rich spiced chai tea

blended with real chocolate

and coffee beans,made even

more luxurious with the

addition of a sweet coffee

and chocolate liquor creating

the perfect drink for any

mocha lovers. 

Served with chocolate


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